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Flycaster of the Year, Bill Alspach Memorial Award

It is time to choose our next Bill Alspach Memorial Award Winner!

Criteria for Bill Alspach Fly Caster of the Year Award

*Based on lifetime involvement in Club

  • Friendly to all, especially new comers and easy going. 1-10
  • Attended club sponsored events. 1-5, served on the Board of Directors, add 5.
  • Always willing to help someone with fly casting or tying flies, taking them fishing or helping with equipment issues. 1-10
  • Always with a smile. 1-10
  • Cheerful in adversity. 1-10
  • Told wonderful stories of times past and knows the area. 1-10
  • Participated in conservation activities outside the club. 1-10
  • Just as happy watching others fish and taking pictures. 1-10
  • Helped out for others while on fishing trips. 1-10
  • Expert caster. 1-10
  • Member of FFI
  • Ties own flies
  • Owns more than 10 rods, reels and has traveled over 200 miles to fly fish

Rank on a scale of one to ten, ten being the top.

100 top scores


Three people need to judge on these criteria.

Average each candidate's three scores.

Send your nominations to Greg Paris at


Each year the Kelly Creek Flycasters present a very important award! This award is called the Kelly Creek Flycaster of the Year, Bill Alspach Memorial Award.  


Many of you may have never heard of Bill Alspach. He was a member of KCF and a fellow that demonstrated through his work and activities the highest character qualities that make the club a success. He was devoted to fly fishing and a great teacher of the skills necessary for anyone to become a decent fly fisher person. Bill was an all-around good guy and dedicated worker for the club. He certainly was a fellow worthy of having an award named in his honor. The winner each year will have demonstrated great service to the KCF Club. The winner is recognized with a beautiful plaque and their name is added to the traveling Memorial Trophy.

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1999       Dave Tharp 2008 Fred Smith
2000       Tim Andrews 2009 Jeanie Centenari

2001       Bob Baker 2010 Will Godfrey

2002       Dave Clark                                                                        2011 Jim Lowther & Peg Kingery

2003       Zach Funkhouser 2012 Dale Mickelsen

2004       Bruce Young 2013 Leroy Hyatt

2005       Bob Clark 2014 Peg Kingery

2006       Will Godfrey                                                                       2015         Brittany Davenport
Alan Marshall


    Alan Marshall
Alan Marshall received the Bill Alspach Award for 2016!

Bill Alspach at Kipp Lake with an 8 pound rainbow, caught off Bill's Point on a small size 12 hair's ear on floating line